Saturday, August 18, 2012

12. Friends

We moved a lot when I was little, and even the one friend that I did make that I thought would be my friend forever was lost a long, long time ago.  I had a couple of little boys that I was really good friends with when I was very young, but every time we moved that friendship was lost.  I remember one girl, when I was in first grade, that I was really good friends with as well, but alas that friendship died the minute we moved from that neighborhood.  When I was in second grade we moved to a house that we stayed at for almost 7 years.  That was when I met my friend, my best friend and we were almost inseparable.  She was a year younger, but we had the best time always.

I remember that her dad had a bunch of old army blankets that we would take and build forts with.  We used to pretend that we were movie stars and she was just the silliest person and we were always laughing.
She used to do imitations of Chucky Margolis from the Hudson Bros. Variety Show, it was so hilarious.  She was just the best.  I remember a time when a rabbit was chased into a rose bush and hurt pretty bad.  We caught the rabbit, how I have no idea, and brought it back to our fort.  We patched up the bunny,with a patch of course, hoping it would live through the night.  I do not know where I got the courage to actually sew a patch on that rabbit, but that is exactly what I did.  The poor thing never made it through the night, thus my thought of ever living up to Florence Nightingale, or a nurse period was gone.

I remember us getting in an argument about something, we were older then and she called me a bitch, that was the first time anyone had ever said anything like that to me.  We didn't talk for a while, and then finally got over it.  We moved when I was in eighth grade and we tried to keep in touch, but we lived so far away from each other that we eventually lost touch.

I have since made many friends.  And many of them have only lasted a season or more.  I'm thankful for all of them, they are what has helped shape my life and get me to the point at which I am right now.  Some I am still friends with and those are the ones I am the most thankful for.

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