Wednesday, August 15, 2012

11. Flying

I used to dream that I could fly, up and down our street, I would hover and look over the neighborhood. When I dreamed of flying I always felt so happy and secure, like I was on top of the world.  I would wake up the next day so happy and refreshed, it was the best night of sleep.  Unless you have dreamed of flying you can't really know what it feels like other than being euphoric.  Those dreams stopped about the time my parents got divorced and I found out the ugly truth about my father, only to be replaced my nightmares that I can remember in detail to this day.

 I have since learned that dreaming about flying is supposed to be about how secure you feel at that time in your life.  And before all the crap happened that happened, I thought that our little family was perfect.  I haven't dreamed about flying since.  I wish I could, it's like a lost part of me, a piece stolen never to be returned.  I wonder sometimes if my sister ever had a chance to fly like I did, or if her sleep time was filled as was her awake time with constant nightmares.  I don't have nightmares anymore and I hope that hers have subsided, but I sure do miss going to sleep and dreaming of flying all over the world.                                      

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